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  • Where is the studio, and where can I park?
    Studio-G is located at 126 James Street North, on the east side of James between Wilson and Cannon. We are right across the street from Chocolat. There is metred parking on the street (free on Sundays and some evenings – be sure to check the metre before you pay!). There is also a paid lot on Hughson between Wilson and Cannon (one block east of the studio).
  • Do I need a partner to enroll in classes?
    No you do not. Most of our community members started solo, and in fact many of us have found it a great way to meet like-minded new folks. We have people of all ages and backgrounds, and we all dance together at socials. During your class, instructors will rotate leads and follows from one partner to the next, and everyone in the class also gets a chance to dance with the instructors. If you are with a partner, and choose not to rotate and dance with other partners that is your choice, of course.
  • In partner dancing, what is a lead vs follow?
    The lead initiates actions and changes in the dance. The follow responds to these cues. Leading and following is the primary ingredient to social dancing. It is how a dance couple moves together as a unit without the need of a specific song or choreography. Although traditionally men lead and women follow, these roles are gender neutral. Often a person will learn both roles as their dance journey progresses. In our sessions, students adhere to either the lead or follow role for the entire session.
  • What should I wear, and do I need special shoes to take classes?
    Please wear indoor shoes, and put them on when you enter the studio to keep our dance floor clean. Shoes for both leads and follows should be comfortable, with smooth soles for turning on the ball of your foot. Ladies may wear heels, but all shoes should be securely fitted to your foot with either full coverage, or straps around the back of your foot (no flip-flops or slides). If you choose to purchase dance shoes (most of us do once we have taken a few classes) you may ask Rachel about options so you are sure to get the right fit and quality. As for wardrobe, wear what is comfortable for you.
  • I have taken other dances before, but not Salsa or Bachata. What level should I start with?
    If you have a background in dance this will definitely help you with learning Latin dance. You do need to start our program with level one if the dance form is new to you, though, because you will be learning brand new material as a program, working from beginner through to more advanced levels.
  • I have taken this dance form (Salsa or Bachata) before at another school, and/or I have done a lot of social dancing with only minimal training. What level should I take at your studio?
    If you are unsure of your level, the best way to answer this question is to speak to an instructor in person at our social before you sign up. One of us may dance a song with you to determine your level.
  • I am experienced beyond level one, and I am joining classes with a partner without experience. What level should we join?
    If you wish to join a higher level, your partner should still start at level 1. If you want to join together, you should both join level 1. Even though this is review for you, you will likely gain new fundamentals through our instructors, you will be sharing an experience with your partner as they learn, and you will be supporting them through their dance journey.
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